OpManager – Set a Default Dashboard

Na versões anteriores a 9400 para você definir uma dashboard padrão é só selecionar e ir no botão “Actions” e clicar em “Set a Default Dashborad” simples assim. Mas agora mudou e o processo é um pouco mais complicado, segue detalhes abaixo.

We removed that option once we got the “Tab customization” in the UI. It is discussed here


“Set as default” option has been removed now. It was used to set the dashboard, user like see after signing in. Now this could be achieved by tab customization. The URL of the first tab will be loaded after signing in. This adds flexibility to have any page, not limited to dashboards, to be set as default page. Click “Edit Tab” option in the user name menu. and change the Home Tab’s URL with the desired dashboard’s URL. 



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